SalsabyJake Salsa Scrapbook : 1993 - June 2014


This scrapbook contains numerous images of flyers, calendars, business cards, articles, people, and other things collected along the way in my salsa travels from the year 1993 to June 2014. Note: Cafe Cocomo closed in September 2014.   In the early days, I rarely bothered to carry a film camera with me, so the early chapters are mostly scans of collected paper flyers. In later years when digital photography took over, the photographs of people and events increased greatly.
The chapters of the scrapbook are roughly chronological although not perfect. Narratives like this one are included for each section to better explain the content. Clearly this scrapbook will have most meaning to people in the San Francisco Bay Area who have been on the salsa scene for some time. Narratives and the captions on each image are provided to jog their memories and also to help explain to people who were not around during the times this covers…
This is by no means meant to be a comprehensive history of salsa in the Bay Area! It is not a strict historical perspective, but rather just my perspective and contains items I personally collected, including my memories. So, it invariably omits important people and events that I may not have come into contact with or followed. But that being said, I’d be happy in include more in the scrapbook by collecting things that viewers of the scrapbook might have stashed away in their collections! Please use the contact tab to contact me and talk about how to include these items.

Disclaimer: Commentary is speculative and not intended to represent absolute truths about the scene, the items, and the people involved.  But sincere attempts were made to keep everything presented factual!

Note that the number of images per chapter was kept to around 75 and hence the time period each chapter covers is not necessarily the same..