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San Francisco Bay Area

Site Address
JAKE's Band Site: VibraSON music
San Francisco "SalsaCrazy" Site - Bay Area Salsa Info
Latin Dance Calendar - a new site listing events (SF) - great site for Bay Area Salsa Info
Salsa Roots Page: Explore the roots of Salsa music with Bay Area resident /dancer Rita
Glas Kat Nightclub - best Tuesday night S.F. Bay Area Salsa
D.J. La Coqui's excellent Internet Radio Satation /
D.J. Tony-O Productions (San Francisco Bay Area)
Some of the Bay Area Bands:  
JAKE'S VERY OWN Salsa band: VibraSON
Bay Area Latin Band Los Boleros
Bay Area Latin Band Julio Bravo y Salsabor
Orq. Avance - Bay Area Salsa Band, Karl Perazzo - Leader
Orq. Karabali
Orq. Candela y Edgardo Cambon
Mazacote with Louis Romero
Orq. La Fuerza Gigante
Orq. Bakkan
Montuno Swing
Pacific Mambo Orquestra - 19 piece band!
Orq. Borinquen
Max - Great photographer, most of the pix on this site...
Bay Area Salsa Workout Leader Jaime Martinez
Rodchata - Rodney's one-stop Bachata Site

Other California Sites

Feet Relief - great foot care products from San Francisco
Ritmo Bello - San Diego's Guide to Salsa and Latin Dance!
Los Angeles based Salsaweb Site - So. California Dance Information
Alex Da Silva- Bay Area legend, now dancing in Los Angeles - A leading studio in L.A., they offer dance lessons taught by experienced professional dancers in L.A., Orange County & other S.Cal locations.
Marcelo Rivero - Salsa Instructor in Orange County, Calif.

Other U.S. and Canada Sites

Henry's Dance Hotlist (Worldwide Links for EVERYTHING Dance)
Latin Dance Calendar - new site for classes/events worldwide
Dance Salsa Headquarters (HQ) - A new nice City Guide for USA! (est. June 2012)
Dance Salsa HQ - Quick link to SAN FRANCISCO salsa...
Dance Forums - Open discussion forum for dancers of all styles.
About-Arts - Directory of all arts, including many dances.
Salsa - Salsa in the Canadian city
Rise Salsa Studios in New York City - classes 
Salsa Canada - Large Canadian Salsa Site
Salsa con Sabor, on-2 Salsa school in Tampa, FL
Level Dance - Salsa Lessons in NY city, other dances too
Ballroom Dance Lessons/Reviews - Ballroom Dance Lessons Reviews in Chicago
A FOOT CARE Resource for dancers/athletes/all. Take Care of your feet! You need them for dancing...
Avalon Dance Shop in British Columbia, Canada: Shoes, supplies, links, etc.
Tiptoe DanceWear - a new national online dancewear supplier at discount prices.
Salsa Dance Gear - a vendor selling shoes and clothes for the contemporary salsa dancer.
Dance America - a site for Dance Shoes, Accessories and more!

Worldwide - Worldwide articles, Info, etc!
Latin Dance Calendar - new site for classes/events worldwide
Australia: - Salsa Classes in Sydney, AU - Dance Classes, Salsa, Mambo and more in Sydney, Australia organizes salsa danceholidays to Cuba.
Acalli Intesnsive Spanish Program - learning Spanish
Salsa Dance Travels - arranges int'l groups for Salsa holidays to Cuba (English)
Salsa Travels for singles to Cuba (multi lingual)
Salsa holidays to Cuba for int'l groups. (This site directed towards french speaking Canadians)
Move Dancewear - supplier of dance supplies to US and Europe



Feet Relief - great foot care products from San Francisco
A FOOT CARE Resource for dancers/athletes/all. Take Care of your feet! You need them for dancing...
Recommended article about foot care by a Phys Ed teacher.. Dancers: Read and take care of your feet! Podiatrist Link
OTHERS?? Pls send me useful links on foot care! -thx  
Diabetic ShoesHub - another foot care site with orthotics and comfy shoes. Based in Arizona, USA



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