Jake's Salsa Scrapbook Project


Face it. I'm a pack rat! When I started dancing, I usually grabbed flyers and other promotional materials and kept them in a big box at home. I did not take a whole lot of pictures back then since I had only a clunky old film camera. But as time passed, I collected more and more and started taking more pix to start a scrapbook.

Jake's Salsa Scrapbook is hosted on my SalsabyJake.org site and if you'd like to get a (hopefully) entertaining view of my salsa experiences with narrative and commentary, visit the link below! If you weren't around back then, the narrative will hopefully help explain. If you were around, I'm sure you'll find the content especially interesting. And if you have content to contribute to the project, please let me know. I can scan items and return them promptly to you for your big box of junk back home! :)

The last update of the scrapbook was June 2014, and Cafe Cocomo closed in September 2014.





If you have flyer's, pictures, or other interesting media to contribute to the scrapbook project, please contact Jake!